• "Aiuto le imprese e le persone
    a potenziare il proprio stato di benessere psico-fisico,
    affinché le imprese possano concentrarsi sul proprio business
    e le persone possano ritrovare equilibrio e serenità"
    Francesca Romana Torlai

My story. How was born my passion for shiatsu.

From Milan and Monaco
to Reggio Emilia.

My name is Francesca Romana Torlai, I was born and grew up in Milan, I then moved for family reasons to Munich where I had the opportunity to study and work in an international sphere; now I live in Reggio Emilia and for many years I am interested in Shiatsu.
My attraction for oriental philosophy and tradition is already born in high school when I start to practice disciplines such as Judo, Qi Gong and Yoga that I still practice regularly; later I changed territory experiencing the piano, painting, photography, theatrical improvisation and biodance and curiosity leads me to attend numerous courses until I meet the Shiatsu.
The Shiatsu represents for me first of all a path of personal growth, a work of listening, empathy and deep relationship with the self and the self in relation to the whole, for this I express the profound value that this discipline has for me.

My professional path
at the Italian Academy of Shiatsu Do.

I attended the four professional courses at the prestigious Italian Shiatsu Do Academy (, as well as specialization courses, monographs and residential seminars. During the years I was a student I realized how much the Shiatsu was effective in bringing wellbeing first in my life, then in that of my traveling companions, whether they were teachers or study colleagues or those who received my Shiatsu treatments.

I am enrolled in APOS, Professional Association of Shiatsu operators and teachers ( and I continue to grow in this discipline which has become a passion first and then slowly my profession.

The treatments are to be carried out at the studio located in Via Orfeo Becchi 4, Via Del Fante 45, or at home after specific agreements. Possibility of treatments on convention at residences for the elderly, rehabilitation centers, cultural circles, etc ...

Subscription forms at promotional prices.
Specific treatments for women on maternity, pre-post-parto.
Many years experience with people with disabilities.

For appointments call or write SMS at 329.0067293 or by email to