What is a Shiatsu treatment?

t is always necessary to specify that the right term is "treatment" since it is not possible to speak of "massage" which is a term pertaining to other disciplines more similar to the aesthetic, medical or physiotherapeutic field. A Shiatsu session can be defined as a unique experience of its kind that involves countless bodily aspects, from the physical and emotional, from the energetic to the "spiritual" one.

How is a Shiatsu treatment performed?

The treatment takes place in a quiet environment, lying on a soft cotton mattress resting on the ground, as required by Japanese tradition. In case of particular physical discomfort, it is also possible to operate on special padded cribs. You stay comfortably dressed, with light clothes, preferably in natural material (cotton, wool, linen). The operator asks for some brief and essential information about the "condition" of the recipient and begins his silent manual work, during which he establishes a respectful relationship of collaboration. The Operator treats all parts of the body (back, legs, arms, abdomen, neck and head) following the most "needy and interesting" areas and Energy Routes, bringing gentle but deep pressure with the palms of the hands, the thumbs, and sometimes even with forearms / elbows.
The pressures, always respectful of the energetic condition of the recipient, enter deep, without slipping on the skin, producing a stimulus to which the organism of the treated person "answers", recovering the full expression of its own resources! A treatment lasts, on average, 50/60 minutes

What tools does a Shiatsu Operator use?

Only his hands, elbows and in some cases even knees. The main tool is the thumb that carries "perpendicular and constant" pressures on certain areas of the body. The pressures can be adapted to every condition of the recipient, with the Shiatsu can treat adults, the elderly and even children.

Who can receive Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is indicated for all people, there are no age or condition limits in order to receive treatment by expert hands. Anyone can receive treatment (adults, children, pregnant women and the elderly), the goal is always to achieve a better physical and energetic balance, regardless of the initial state and / or condition. Shiatsu pressures translate into a tangible relaxation of tensions, in the sensation of warmth and lightness, in the clarity of the mind, in the improvement in the mood, in greater energy and desire to do!

Shiatsu significantly reduces "annoyances" due to stressful life rhythms; loosens muscle tension; improves pain and facilitates joint movements; helps overcome moments of excessive fatigue; calm irritability and help you regain calm and tranquility!

Shiatsu encourages an awareness of one's body, re-establishing contact with one's emotions; promotes greater harmony between body / mind / heart!

Cost of a Shiatsu treatment: € 61