Wellness Walking & Eating

Come and walk with us.

The lesson lasts 1.5 hours and is divided into three phases: heating-walking-stretching and relaxation. In addition to the motor activity of walking, attention is focused on different themes: food education, lifestyle, energy rebalancing, self-esteem and awareness. Wonderful paths in nature. The search for a healthier lifestyle, long-term well-being and a life lived as we really want, without limits and conditioning have led to the realization of this project: www.wellnesswalking.it

Mmedical certificate for non-competitive activities obligatory.

Wellness Eating

The aim is to accompany people in a path of change for a best lifestyle.
Wellness Eating deals with different aspects:

  • What are the dictates of the World Health Organization
  • What attitude to have when eating
  • Why do physical activity
  • How to improve the lifestyle
  • How to keep stress under control
  • How to have a positive and proactive attitude
  • How to give space to talents and self-realization to avoid using food as compensation.

Diets hardly work in the long term

  • They give a sense of deprivation
  • They are often seen as a constraint and above all they have a term ... sooner or later they end ... and then?

Then, often, we take back the kilos with interests.

We follow a method that leads people to change their food style naturally and without too much effort, with the awareness of WHO's dictates. A method that has the ability to act on what we are to acquire new functional habits to maintain over time
People often know how to feed themselves, they know what is good and what is not, but they can not put their good intentions into practice.

It is there that we can act, in the ability to accept change and create new healthy habits.
You can not change the style of food using just the willpower, because before or after the willpower fades, you need more subtle and effective tools.

“I do not have” to" and "I can not" are not functional, simply because they are not sustainable in the long run.

New consolidated habits are the only way to get back in shape and maintain results over time.