Corporate Welfare

Lessons Wellness in Work
project for the development of Organizational Wellbeing

by Francesca Romana Torlai,
Trainer, Life Coach, Shiatsu Operator, Wellness Eating Coach, Wellness Walking & Personal Trainer Instructor


In light of the WHO definition, we look at "health" no longer as a simple absence of disease, but as a process of improving physical and psychological well-being. The term "organizational health" refers to the ability of an organization not only to be effective and productive, but also to grow and develop by promoting and maintaining an adequate degree of physical and psychological well-being, constructively nourishing the social coexistence of those he works.

Organizations, through the definition of work contexts and the adoption of some practices may or may not contribute to well-being and directly influence the health of the entire system. Organizational well-being resides in the quality of the relationship between people and the work context.

When conditions of poor organizational well-being are occurring, phenomena such as decreased productivity, absenteeism, low levels of motivation, stress and burn out, reduced availability to work, lack of trust, lack of commitment, increase in complaints from part of the customer. These and other indicators of illness represent the reflection of the state of discomfort and psychological distress of those who work there. The reduction of the quality of working life in general and the reduction of the individual sense of well-being thus make the cohabitation and development of the organization burdensome.

Organizational well-being and attention to "organizational health" refer to an organization's ability to promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, psychological and social well-being of every worker in every type of occupation.


Legislative references that solicit interventions aimed at the development of organizational well-being:

  • WHO Definition of Health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not simple absence of disease;
  • Italian Civil Code art. 2087:The employer is required to adopt the measures that, according to the particular nature of the work, experience and technique, are necessary to protect the physical integrity and the moral personality of the workers.
  • Legislative Decree 81/08, Consolidated Law on Occupational Safety, which today replaces Legislative Decree 626/1994, cites the influence of environmental factors and work organization (Title 1, Art. 15) and asks to plan interventions for the prevention of “particular risks, including those that can be linked to work-related stress”.
  • European Agreement on Stress at Work of 8/10/2004.


General objective

The course is aimed at promoting the organizational health of the Company, paying particular attention to the physical, psychological and social well-being of each worker.

Starting from a greater attention to the individual, it is possible to "build" and improve the health of the entire organization, with the consequent improvement in the quality of the processes and the products delivered.

Specific purposes for operators

• Decrease in indirect costs due to the presence of unmotivated or burnout workers;

• Improvement of intra and interservice internal communication




Each class consists of a set of physical exercises, visualizations or the dissemination of notions that work on specific aspects and problems of the person that they foresee:

  • Anti-fatigue exercises to keep the spine efficient; 
  • Breathing techniques to introduce greater volumes of oxygen, the main nutrient in the human body;
  • Notions of healthy eating;
  • Visualization and meditation exercises for a more serene and lucid mind.


The context depends on the companies' willingness to let people out, it could be inside parks or, where there are no suitable spaces, meeting rooms or similar spaces, using the same spaces as the offices. The method is adaptable to different areas


As noted by various studies and international experiences, the advantages that a project of physical activity and modification of bad lifestyles implemented in the company entails are now evident.
They can be summarized as follows:

  • Decrease in absenteeism;
  • Reduction in sick days;
  • Improvement of employee satisfaction;
  • Facilitation of employee retention;
  • Improved productivity.

Wellness4Me, Life Coaching

The right mental attitude is one of the cornerstones of Wellness, so it is born:
Wellness4Me, Life Coaching, to accompany people in a journey of personal growth and self-realization.
Professional Sphere, Sentimental Sphere, Physical Sphere, Spiritual Sphere:
hese are the 4 areas of interest in the work of a Wellness4Me Life Coach.

We are one, and each sphere influences the others, so it is essential that there is harmony in every area of our lives.


It is the one that guarantees us a full personal fulfillment and that offers us the economic security to face every situation with harmony and serenity. It is the part of us that makes us feel good in what we do and that, if well expressed, exploits passions and talents.


It is the part that connects us to everything: love for ourselves, love for others, love our partner, love for what we do ...
It is from love that we take the strength to live fully every day.


It is about our well-being, our life force, our physical form.
Everyone has to find personal care in the best way, through movement, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.


It is the most hidden part of us, the one that whispers and often fails to make itself heard. It is a part that we can not deny, because it connects us to what we really are, to our essence.
It is also the part that unites us to the mother earth, which gives us strength and support.
We can not disregard respect for everything that surrounds us, because we too are part of that whole.

These 4 spheres must move in harmony.
As this happens we can give life to the magic that is within us, we can give the right priorities and the right weight to what happens to us and to feed what makes us feel good letting go what we do not need anymore.

If what you are looking for  a greater balance
If you want to feel more accomplished
If you are looking for ways to get out of a situation you do not like
If you want to put your talents to good use
If you want to get back into shape, inside and out

you can!